Amazing Cities on Vistula River


One of the largest rivers in Europe, Vistula crosses Poland right through the middle and flows into the Baltic Sea. Once you’ve reached the river Vistula, it means you’ve reach the very heart of Poland. Form its foamy upper course in the Carpathian Mountains, to the large delta in the North, Vistula traverses the whole country and witnesses the most diverse landscapes. And, coincidence or not, Poland’s most superb cities are also situated along the Vistula. Warsaw, Krakow, Torun and Gdansk are the best known of all the amazing cities on Vistula River:


by giorgio tomassetti

The former capital of Poland and a prestigious academic and cultural centre, Krakow is a city of myth and legend. Almost every attraction in the old town of Krakow has its legend, and you should know that the historic centre of Krakow is one of the biggest and most beautifully preserved in Europe. And the great thing about Krakow is that once you had enough of the impressive churches, palaces and castles in the centre, you can go on and explore the old Jewish neighbourhood Kazimierz, with its little antique shops and bohemian cafes.


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There has always been a sort of rivalry between Krakow and the new capital of Poland, Warsaw. Even if Warsaw had the misfortune of being heavily bombed during WWII, most of its old centre has been restored to the former glory. But there is much more about Warsaw than its historic district; Warsaw is, after all, the capital city of Poland, so its shopping malls, museums, theatres, pubs and restaurants are waiting to be explored.


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Few hundred miles north of Warsaw one can visit the city of angels, Torun. Torun is best known for its ginger bread masters, as well as the birth place of Nicholas Copernicus, the great astronomer from the 15th century. But the most amazing thing about Torun is that it’s a remarkably well-preserved medieval town: you’ll be strolling among century old traders’ houses, noblemen’s mansions, barbicans and old city walls.


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The last major city on the Vistula River, Gdansk, also happenes to be the largest Polish port at the Baltic Sea. Gdansk is a flourishing economic centre, with an active underground scene: look around at the sophisticated graffiti on the walls and you’ll know what I mean. Its revolutionary spirit also lead Gdansk into being the first city to protest against the harsh regime in the late ‘80s. Not to miss in Gdansk are the jeweller’s workshops, with unique amber and silver creations.

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