Amazing Sights of Zakopane

Zakopane ©LONIEWSKI/flickr

Zakopane ©LONIEWSKI/flickr

At the south of Krakow in Poland is a beautiful mountain lake situated at the altitude of 1400 meters above the sea level. See its beautiful reflection on the crystal clear waters of the lake, the high peaks of the Tatra Mountains has snow that never melts. Great sight for summer and to stroll leisurely along the marked path is also a pleasure.

Oko, Tatra Mountains

Also known as ‘Marine Eye’, Morskie Oko, is the fourth deepest lake in the Tatra Mountains. Climbing the Czarny Staw makes the hike more challenging for the adventurous ones. The lake is 180 meters higher than Morskie Oko and you can see it taking a 30 minutes hike up. Have a rest at the mountain shelter with delicious polish food yet enjoying the panoramic views of the lake.

Rysy lies on the border between Poland and Slovakia and it has three peaks. It is the highest peak in the Tatra Mountains yet accessible on foot without a mountain guide.

Parish Church of the Holy Family

There are altogether more than thirty churches, chapels and monasteries in Zakopane. Little traditional rural shrines are plenty along the hiking trip too. If you like inspiring modern designs, of interiors by outstanding artists and folk artisans, Zakopane has much to offer. A neurmanesque church of about 100 years old is the seat of the Holy Family Parish. Visit the most precious part of the church, the St John the Baptist Chapel. And the oldest piece of religious architecture is the Old Cemetery chapel with wooden gravestones. Simple ones or detailed ones, watch out for one of the local physician’s grave, Tytus Chalubinski as he wrote about his journeys into the nearby mountains.

Tatra Museum Zakopane

Tatra Mountains ©krzysztof.baraniak/flickr


A living local culture can be seen at this special architecture by Stanislaw Witkiewicz. Do not expect those dying traditions but exhibits on display relates very well to what you see at the moment. Spend an hour wandering through this museum is really worthwhile. From crafts, to arts, musical instruments, textiles, costumes, leather goods, carved wooden furniture, domestic utensils and cooking. Due to their pride of their rich culture, they decorate their homes in rustic style that is ever so charming. From small details like their carved decorative turrets, balconies and doors, you can be amazed and awed at their determination to keep their culture alive.

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