Angling & Leisure Activities in Poland

Canoeing ©ast2009/flickr

Canoeing ©ast2009/flickr

Canoeing enthusiasts may consider sites ideal for canoeing like Mazury, Bory Tucholskie, and Pojezierze Wa?eckie in Poland. These are picturesque and deserted routes and expect wild plants and rare animals along your way. Suwalszczyzna, Pojezierze Drawskie are unforgettable. Imagine paddling in virgin rivers. Capture those beautiful landscapes and wildlife in your memories are best on routes such as Krutynia, Biebrza, Pisa, Brda and Wda in Poland. Or sail on kayaks individually to Rospuda, Czarna Ha?cza and ?yna. There are organized canoeing events for you to choose from, rental centres and accommodation awaits you.


Hear the clanging of cranes or the swoosh of flapping wings, March and April is best for birdwatching. In Poland, a paradise of natural bird habitats awaits you. Bieszczady through Biebrza valley to Wolin Island are filled with rare bird species. In Poland, there are eagle owl, corncrake, white-tailed sea eagle, ruff and the threatened with extinction small yellow aquatic warbler. Participate in a fascinating adventure even if you are just a bird amateurs. Uncontaminated nature and springtime, prepared yourself with binoculars, telecope and a bird spectacle are all you need.

Horseback Riding

Raise your adrenaline levels and destress by galloping on horseback through Poland. Robber Cottages with warm cosy fireplace, Ksi?? Castle, Lewada, Sztutów and G?adyszów are fabulous destination for seeing Poland on horsebacks.

Extreme Sports & Rock Climbing

Vertical rock climbing and extreme sports is best at Cracow-Cz?stochowa Upland. Climbing on those dozens meter high routes of various difficulty levels. Or take up the challenge at Pochylec and the well-known Mammoth Cave locally called Jaskinia Mamutowa. Cz?stochowa Upland near Polesice and Rz?dkowice villages are great for beginner climbers.

Anglers Guide to Poland

The Poland winter is the best angling time to be in W?adys?awowo. Expect flounder, perch and pikeperch, and a special flatfish with eyes only on one body side. Or even cod fishing at sea. Then from March to May, go to the strait between Wolin island and Pobrze?e Szczeci?skie called Dziwna which is a great natural basin with shores with many small bays for angling.

Masuria Lakes & Drawsko Lake

About thirty kilometers from Bydgoszcz, there is an artificial reservoir

Angling ©fishing in poland/flickr

Angling ©fishing in poland/flickr

for you to get in touch with an unpolluted nature, Masuria or Mazury as they called it is with pike, perch, bream and roach. The other Drawsko Lake? is 80 meters deep in the West Pomerania. Amazingly this starfish shaped-lake offers opportunities to catch the Baltic whitefish in the winter. Otherwise, angling of large roach, rudd, crucian, perch and pike are easy too.

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