Architectural tourist attractions in Gdansk

The City Hall in Gdansk

The City Hall in Gdansk ©Michael Cavén/Flick

Gdansk is located in northern Poland and is a city that has prospered and prosper thanks to its direct link with the sea. In Gdansk you will see a gigantic medieval port, a monument to shipyard workers who have lost their lives fighting for their rights and a lot of things connected to amber.

You can live a pleasant sensation passing through the famous gates of the city and you can delight admiring works and objects exhibited in museums.

The gateways are one of the most characteristic features of the city.

They are built as defensive fortifications against invaders coming from the sea. We already described some interesting places of this beautiful city, but today we would like to present you the architectural tourist attractions in Gdansk.

The city of Gdansk

The city of Gdansk ©Simon Grubb/Flick

The Upland Gate

This gate was built of silver-gray brick and marks the entrance of the Royal Road. The king entered the city through this gate during his regular visits. The gate dates from the sixteenth century and was originally part of the defense system of the city. Now is a freestanding structure, an architectural tourist attraction in Gdansk. The bricks are arranged so that they form a leave pattern and above the gate you can admire the coat of arms of Gdansk, Poland and Prussia.

The Long Street

On the Polish map you will find the street as “Dluga”. From one end to another you can find the majority of tourist attractions of Gdansk. The Long Street is the historical and cultural center of the city. Here are numerous museums, architectural works, cafes, shops and of course, many opportunities to take interesting shots.

Long Street in Gdansk

Long Street in Gdansk ©erinc salor/Flick

The National Museum in Gdansk

The National Museum of Gdansk is located in the Old Suburb and exhibits Gothic art works from the 15th century. One of the most famous works is the painting “The Judgement” by Hans Memling, which was stolen many nations (Napoleon’s troops, the Nazis and Russians) and came back to possession of the city of Gdansk. The building that houses the museum was once a Franciscan monastery and hospital. Unfortunately the presentations of the art works are only in Polish.

The Tower of the City Hall and the Museum of History

The main tower of the city is owned by the building of the city hall and can be seen from anywhere on Long Street and also from the dome of the Saint Mary church. After the tower was restored, it was transformed into a museum of history. If you visit this tourist attraction you will get an idea about the long and interesting history of the town. You can admire the exhibition of weapons, art and ancient artifacts.

The City Hall in Gdansk

The City Hall in Gdansk ©Michael Cavén/Flick

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