Beautiful Parks and Forests in the City of Lodz

The wonderful Park for Health in Lodz

The wonderful Park for Health in Lodz ©adammirowski/Flick

If we speak of Poland as a tourist destination, most of the people think of the possibility to travel to Krakow or Warsaw. This large country offers a lot of other wonderful places. Such a gem is the city of Lodz and it’s the surroundings.

Lodz is one of the biggest towns in Poland, but has lots of green places in the town and in its surroundings where you can relax of explore the beauties of nature.

We are going to present you the beautiful parks and forests in the city of Lodz.


Large and entertaining parks

Although Lodz has a metropolitan character, you can find lots of green areas in the city.

The most visited place is Park na Zdrowiu. It is also known as Park for Health or People’s Park. It is the oldest and the largest park in the city of Lodz. The park has many species of common trees, line pine, birch, oak, hornbeam and black alder, but it also has an arboretum with rare and exotic trees.

The beautiful Park na Zdrowiu in Lodz

The beautiful Park na Zdrowiu in Lodz ©adammirowski/Flick

This beautiful park includes the largest Botanical Garden in the country, zoo and amusement park.

Park Luna offers excellent entertainment facilities for visitors and locals alike. The fun park is a great place especially for children, because awaits them with many traditional amusement possibilities: carousel, ferries wheel and roller coaster.

The botanical garden nearby is a real magnet for tourists. You can find here Japanese and alpine garden, but the real hit is the collection of more than 120 years old palms. These beautiful plants used to decorate the imperial officials’ headquarters.

The wonderful Park for Health in Lodz

The wonderful Park for Health in Lodz ©adammirowski/Flick

The largest urban forest in Poland

The Lagiwenicki Forest lies within the borders of the city of Lodz. It is the largest urban forest in Poland, occupies an area of over 12 square kilometers. The forest is crossed by many roads for pedestrians, cyclists and horseback riders.

On the Rudzka hill is even a 580 meters long bob track. Its beautiful green spaces offer an excellent opportunity for small family picnics.

The largest urban forest in Lods, Poland

The largest urban forest in Lods, Poland ©Magic Madzik/Flick

National Park

About 10 percent of the city neighborhood is covered with national parks. These lands are largely covered with conservation areas, which intend to protect the natural ecosystem remnants, especially the rare trees, animals and birds. These parks have a total area of nearly 98 thousand hectares. The largest of them is the reservation of Jeziorska with an artificial reservoir a real bird paradise welcomes the visitor.

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