City centers that must be visited in Poland

Gdansk Main Square with the Town Hall

Gdansk Main Square with the Town Hall @kusmierz/Flick

Poland is a country with a unique beauty that can be admired both in old cities and the wild scenery of national parks and nature reserves. The central part of the country is divided in two. The northern part has low lands and the southern part is dominated by high lands. These high lands include the famous Krakow- Wielum limestone, beautiful caves and spectacular medieval castles. The southern area of the country is dominated by the Carpathians and Tatra, which offers a beautiful natural scenery and mountain sport facilities.

Polish can be truly proud of their heritage regarding cultural life, theaters, opera and music can be found in abundance.

Poland is the country where they were was born the composer Frederic Chopin, the chemist Marie Curie and the astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus. We could say many more important things about this country, but today we just stop to present two city centers that must be visited in Poland.

Beautiful old square in Krakow

Beautiful old square in Krakow @milan.boers/Flick

The Town Hall of Gdansk

The Town Hall Gdansk in the city center must be visited, it is one of the most beautiful ones in the country. The original building dates from the fourteenth century, and was the seat of the coty government. The City Hall served ones also as the house of Johannes Hevelius, a great astronomer. Sadly te building was badly damaged in the Second World War, and the one seen today is the result of reconstruction. One of the main attractions is the Red Room, built in Gothic and Renaissance style. It has sumptuous furniture and paintings on the walls and ceiling. There are some more interesting attractions in the Town Hall of Gdansk including the Winter Hall or the Fireplace Hall.

Gdansk Main Square with the Town Hall

Gdansk Main Square with the Town Hall @kusmierz/Flick

The Great Market Square of Krakow

The Main Market of Krakow is located in the old town. It has an enormous size, more than 40,000 square meters. When we see it, we cannot be surprised that this is the margest medieval market in Europe. The Great Market Square of Krakow in the old city center must be visited. It was built in the thirteenth century, and suffered serious damages during the past, but was totally restored and has a symbolic meaning for the city of Krakow. The square is the place of many festivals and events, day and night and you can see here many street musicians even if it is only a normal day. The market itself is a great tourist attraction because its size, but it is surrounded by many famous buildings as well including the Town Hall with the tower, the Cloth Hall and the Church of St. Wojciech.

The Main Square of Krakow

The Main Square of Krakow @Jorge Lascar/Flick


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