Discover Poland’s Tri-City

by jakub szestowicki

It’s hard to talk about Northern Poland without mentioning the Tri-City. Stretching along the Baltic Sea coastline near the mouth of River Vistula, the Tri-City is in fact a large metropolitan area consisting of three distinct cities: Gdansk, in the east, Sopot, the smallest, in the middle and Gdynia in the west. The distance between this cities is quite negligible and good train and road connections make it easy to travel from one to another. As for the cities themselves, they all have their unique personalities so it’s hard to say which one is the most interesting. I thus invite you to discover Poland’s Tri-City, alias the fabulous Gdynia, Sopot and Gdansk:


The city of Gdynia is most famous for two things:  its music festivals and its ships! The Heineken Open’er Festival takes place every summer in Gdynia, bringing together a huge crowd of music fans and an international lineup (with big names like Pink, Massive Attack, Beastie Boys or Sonic Youth concerting every year). As for the famous ships, despite the fact that Gdynia is among Europe’s youngest ports, built in early 20th century, it is also one of the biggest at the Baltic Sea. The city’s Maritime museum is also one of the best, with full size ships and some wery interesting exhibits.


by lostajy

Poland isn’t particularly famous for its seaside, but the summer resort Sopot is no average place. Nestled between Gdynia and Gdansk, Sopot is Poland’s most famous summer resort, with lots of beautiful monuments and a long history with attracting celebrities. Its 650m long pier represents, along with the mind-blowing construction ‘The Crooked House’, represent some of Spot’s iconic attractions.  Another must-see attraction in Sopot is the Grand Hotel, whose incredible list of famous guests includes, among many others, Charles de Gaulle, Omar Sharif, Adolf Hitler or Annie Lennox. Muisc lovers will probably know Sopot as the host city of the famous Sopot International Song festival.


by eutrophication&hypoxia

Gdansk is the biggest and most famous among the Tri-City members. This fabulous city port was once famous for its naval shipyard (also the place where the most serious protests against socialism took place in the ‘80s). Despite the fact the city’s historic center was heavily bombed in WWII, talented architects were able to reconstruct it to the smallest detail. The city’s seafront is extremely picturesque, with lots of old buildings, some museum ships and a monumental medieval crane.

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