Having fun in Wroclaw

Pub in Wroclaw

Pub in Wroclaw ©Trincão/Flick

The one thousand years old Wroclaw is one of those Polish cities that you absolutely have to visit.

Wroclaw is the place of fun and it is visited by many tourists and business travelers. Many exhibitions and conferences are taking place here all year round.

There you won’t find only beautiful architecture World Heritage sites and stunning views, but it is a lively and fun destination having a typical local atmosphere with nice people, great food, jazz clubs, vibrant night-life, concerts and good beer.

It is perfect for shopping, active recreation, for the night life lovers and for studies. Let’s see how we can have fun in Wroclaw.

Wroclaw, the city for every taste

In the city center of Wroclaw we find a number of world brand stores, hotels with different class, restaurants that offer Silesian and other specialties. The level and abundance of cultural and musical events will satisfy the most sophisticated tastes of visitors.

Shopping in Wroclaw

Shopping in Wroclaw ©Olgierd Pstrykotwórca/Flick

Evening fun in Wroclaw

For the city of Wroclaw one day is not enough. If you want to get to know the city, spend there at least three days. It you spend there a night, you should watch at nine the colorful play of light in the great park before Hala Ludowa. This play at the fountain accompanied with music entertains people for nearly twenty minutes.

Energetic nightlife in Wroclaw

The city of Wroclaw is mostly populated be students, therefore the night entertainment is guaranteed. The city has an energetic night life with numerous clubs and discos and other fun places. It is impossible to get bored. Even the smallest pub has headache-free draft beers. Of course, the price is double as in stores, but that is not different anywhere else. The beers are strong, and the brandy is a big treasure.

Pub in Wroclaw

Pub in Wroclaw ©Trincão/Flick

The Pracoffina for example is a basement pub that was a prison during the Middle Ages, but today the cells with candlelight are attended by a large number of guests dressed in elegant T-shirts, which are drinking one vodka after another laying on the old furniture of grandmother.

The atmosphere of the city

Walking in the city you will experience the calmness of the people living here, there is no tension or stress in the city. The people are polite, although they expect them same from you. Since the city has many multinational companies with many employees that had to move here, the inhabitants are used to the foreigners.

The atmosphere of Wroclaw

The atmosphere of Wroclaw ©Stefan Schlautmann

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