Holiday Destinations – Beskids

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One of the more significant towns is the Makow Podhalanski or the Middle Beskid of Sucha Beskidzka and Myslenice. This is a place to escape from the city as it is a series of mountain ranges from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine and Poland. The Hoverla is the highest amongst the Beskidy. It is more than 2000 metres and can be found at the Chornohora region. If you enjoy walking, or hiking, it is simply a paradise as it has the best blazed rails and very charming mountain huts. Be soaked in the picturesque surroundings. One nice way to plan your itinerary is to arrive in Krakow hopefully on a Saturday. Get your hiking maps and relevant information about the location and start walking from Sunday on for four hours. You are suggested to start from Lubon Wielki to Rabka. Here you will see the wild mountain island from inhabited valleys and slowly descent to Rabka which is a small town where children can have their spa.

Rabka to Lopuszna

For the next day, the walk can be for about seven to eight hours. That will be a distance of 700 meters where you will hike through the forested Gorce. Turbacz is 1310 meters marking the highest peak without too many ascents or descents. Do check out the breathtaking Nowy Targ basin and High Tatras. Walk on through Zarebek which is a shepherd’s village and Lopuszna. From Kluszkowce to Niedzica is about four hours walk. Then on day five, you can consider walking for a six hour from Sromowce to Szczawnica. There is an introspective resort for spa lovers and relax in those park cafes and elegant villas.

Szczawnica to Rytro

Mountain Meadow Rytro


For the next four hundred meters is the next day’s walking trail of about seven hours. See the quiet side of Beskid Sadecki. In particular if you are a nature lover who loves a primeval mixed forests. Jaworki village is one unique spot as it was where the Ruthenians or East Slavic people once lived. You can see old tavern, Orthodox church, sheeps, old-fashioned shepherding techniques. Proceed to Rytro in the green deep valley of the Pporad river. Besides the small holiday village, you can find ruins of a 12th century castle which is rather small. Then on the seventh day, proceed to the oldest town of the region, from Rytro to Kraw, Stary Sacz. See those amazing convent, market squares, narrow alleys and colourful houses.

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