Jurassic Castles in Poland

Castle ©jahmal.pl/flickr

Castle ©jahmal.pl/flickr

The south of Poland has much to offer including the visit to Czestochowa. That is the place of spirits in the centre of Poland where you can check out the Black Madonna special painting. You might also wish to tour the Jasna Gora Monastery and try the guided tour of a Pauline monk. The next important sight is the Ogrodzieniec Castle near the Jurassic National Park. The Jurassic or Ojcow National Park is a limestone park.

Horse Cabs Riding

You can hire horse-driven cabs to get around in Poland for example to the Renaissance Pieskowa Skala Castle. These horse carriages goes along the Pradnik Valley. This fortified medieval castle was ordered to be built by King Kazimierz Wielki in the 14th century. This beautiful Polish Renaissance architecture is located between Krakow and Czestochowa and called ‘The Eagles’ Nests’. You could see some double loggia which has been decorated in the sgraffito technique as well. This was due tot the change of owner who had made the change of the reconstruction to a mannerist style. Then some other 17th century additions was made on the gate.

Tours in Ojcow National Park

If you like walking tours, or bicycle tours, you can make prior arrangements for that to be cater to your and your family. In winter time, you can try the traditional horse sleigh rides with torches. Then at the end, a bonfire witch hot mulled wine. Some of your children might prefer an educational eco-tour, you can arrange for that as well.

Sights in the National Park

Ojcow National Park ©PolandMFA/flickr

Ojcow National Park ©PolandMFA/flickr

Other than the castle, you can see lots of caves and special limestone cliffs, rock formations and ravines. You should also try to see the Dark Cave that has prehistoric inhabitants. Discover the ruins of the medieval King’s Casimir castle. Next is the Hercules Club which is an unusual rock. The other recommended sight is the limestone rocks called the Cracow Gate which serves as residential, commercial as well as defensive purposes.

Mannerist Styled Structures

If you like Mannerist structures, you can see most of them in Krakow for example the Branicki Manor House, the Boner House, the Ciborium in St. Mary’s Basilica, the Dean’s House, the Collegium luridicum, the Holy Trinity Church-Gonzaga-Myszkowski Chapel, Decjusz Villa, the late 16th century Old Synagogue, the Vasa Gate, the Prelate House, and last but not the least, the Wawel Cathedral- Stephen Bathory Tomb.

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