Lakes Vacationing in Autumn I

Lake Miedwie ©powiatstargardzki.euAmongst the many lakes in Poland, Mazury lake seemed to be very popular for nature lovers. Other than Lake Mamry (Jezioro Mamry in Mazury lake district), Lake Sniardwy (Jezioro Śniardwy in Mazury lake district), you can choose the others from Lake Dabie (Jezioro Dąbie in Szczecin), Lake Lebsko (Jezioro Łebsko), Lake Miedwie (Jezioro Miedwie), Lake Jeziorak (Jezioro Jeziorak), Lake Niegocin (Jezioro Niegocin), Lake Gardno (Jezioro Gardno), Lake Jamno (Jezioro Jamno), Lake Wigry (Jezioro Wigry), Lake Goplo (Jezioro Gopło) to Lake Drawsko (Jezioro Drawsko). For Lake Dabie which is at the delta of the Oder in Szczecin, perhaps organizing a cruise ship within half a day will be enough. See the Lagoon of Szczecin and also the Bay of Pomerania. Some possible activities include touring and tasting ‘Starka’ the traditional dry vodka which are distilled from rye grain in basements and followed by dinner on the ship board. Starka is part of the Sarmatist culture in the history and became the favourite drinks of the high social class. Polmos offers Starka in all age classes such as 10 to 50 years old. This mysterious Polish vodkas has history as old as five hundred years.

Lake Lebsko

Lake Lebsko ©flickrhivemind.netThis coastal lake is part of the Słowiński National Park with the Leba River flowing through it. Town of Leba offers some interesting sights such as the ruins of the St. Nicholas church. You can find it on your way to the beach. The other architectural attraction is the fishermen’s church where you should try to see the painting by Max Pechstein. Also to see is the fishermen’s dwellings which dates back to the 19th century. The street name is Kosciuszki Street. In addition, the other street Nadmorska Street is where Hotel Neptun stand that is worth seeing the 19th century casino. If you are into science, there is a former rocket test site near Pletka.

Lake Miedwie

The other lake which we would like to highlight in this post is the Lake Miedwie. It is regarded as one of the most beautiful places to see in the world. Being the fifth largest lake yet in the North West of Poland. The activities to be enjoyed here are kite-surfing, windsurfing and sailing. It has very good wind conditions to facilitate these wonderful, adventurous and lively activities. This lake is also very near to Szczecin, Gryfino and Stargard Szczecinski as they are the neighboring towns great for visiting with your family.

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