Popular Sports in Poland

by dkaz

With the 2012 European Football Championship rapidly approaching several million pairs of eyes will be focusing daily on Poland, one of the two organisers of the competition. This is the first time for a country like Poland to focus such a big event and a great occasion for Poles to display their talent with sports. We can imagine football to be widely popular in this country (which, by the way, is one of Europe’s largest), but there are lots of other popular sports in Poland like basketball or tennis for example. I’m sure everyone with an interest in sports will be interested to learn what are the favourite sports in Poland and where and when they can be practised:


Football, or, as it is best known in the United States, soccer, is by far the most watched spectator sport in Poland. The upcoming Euro 2012 Championship in not only an occasion for Poland to display its touristic attractions, but possibly a great chance for the National Football Team to make some great matches and make its supporters proud. Football is Poland is also practised by mean (and, more recently, women) of all ages so you’ll often see kids playing in the school yard or adults relaxing by playing a little football with their friends.

Speedway motorcycling

by ronsaounders47

Surprisingly or not, speedway motorcycling is a widely popular sport in Poland. Part of this popularity is due to the fact that the national speedway team in one of the best in the world – actually, they have been world champions for nine times in the last few decades.


Less famous as a competition sport, cycling has a lot of fans in Poland, as it represents one of the favourite leisure time activities. Poland has a lot of plain areas and therefore a lot of cycling routes, especially in urban areas such as Wroclaw and Gdansk or in the northern forests and lakes of the Warmian-Masurian region.


Volleyball in Poland is only second to football. Both the national men’s team and the women’s team have had really good results at international level in the latest years, hence the numerous audience present at the more important matches.


by nh53

A very popular but less conventional sport in Poland is orienteering. This sport usually involves a single participant or a team who is given a map and basic directions and must complete a complicated route in the shortest time possible, while reaching all the objectives on the map. Competitions, as well as training, take place in nature, so the sport is more popular with mountaineers, as well as youth adventure clubs.



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