Tarnów, the beautiful old town with the warmest climate in Poland

Market Square in city of Tarnów

Market Square in city of Tarnów ©Emmanuel Dyan/Flick

The city of Tarnów is a great place to visit. It is a beautiful old town with the warmest climate in Poland and stunning architectural buildings.

The city of Tarnów lies on the south-eastern part of Poland and has 115 thousand inhabitants. It is an important road and rail junction and a popular cultural and tourist center.

We would like to present you the most important buildings in the city that worth visiting. We will give you some details about the hotels and the weather in the town of Tarnów.


Average temperature in Tarnów

Tarnów is one of the cities with the warmest climate in Poland, with a year avarage of 9.3 °C (48.7 ºF). The warmest month is Tarnów is July, with the average temperature of 20,1 °C (68,2 ºF). Than the average temperature decreases in the following order: August (19,6 °C /  67,3ºF ), June (18,4 °C / 65,1 ºF), September (15,5 °C / 59,9 ºF), May (14,1 °C / 57,4 ºF). The average temperature in January is -2°C ( 28  ºF).

Market Square in city of Tarnów

Market Square in the warm city of Tarnów ©Emmanuel Dyan/Flick


Most important places in Tarnów

If you consider visiting Tarnów, we will present you a list of the best places of this attractive old town.

The main square with the beautiful town hall and the nice, old houses in the surrounding area, its unique wooden castle and the granary on Krakowska Street, the Cathedral from the second half of the XIV century, the Castle of Tarnów and many interesting museums make the city attractive.

Beautiful old houses in Tarnów

Beautiful old houses in Tarnów ©Emmanuel Dyan/Flick

You can also find some stunning old houses, like the Mikolajowski House (1524), the oldest tenement house in Tarnow, the Florecki House from the late 16th century and there are many manor houses in the suburb areas of the town from the 18th and 19th century.

You should see the complex of a Bernadine Abbey, and other catholic churches, like the Tarnów Cathedral from the 14th century, and the Holy Trinity Church from the 16th century. It is an interesting fact that the city does not have a leading place only on the list of the warmest cities, but it is also one of the most religious towns: 89.6 percent of residents are going to church weekly.

Tarnów Cathedral

Tarnów Cathedral ©Emmanuel Dyan/Flick

Because of the historical place of the Jews in this town, there are many Jewish buildings and ruins as well, like the remains of the old synagogue and the Jewish Cemetery from the 16th century.

You can also visit the remains of the old defensive wall, the two fortified towers, the Sanguszko Palace at Gumniska, the Old Cemetery and the mausoleum of the Polish general, Jozef Bem. Even the Rail Station is one of the beauties of the town.

Any time you need, you can take a break in the 19th century City Park.


Accomodation in Tarnów

You have plenty of choices if you want to spend some days in Tarnów, weather you prefer the downtown area or more quiet places. You can book rooms from 34$/night with breakfast in three star hotels and 63-64$/night with breakfast in four star hotel. For further information you can visit Booking.com.

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