The City Hall and the Old Lublin Gate in Zamosc

The beautiful City Hall in Zamosc

The beautiful City Hall in Zamosc ©PolandMFA/Flick

One of the main attractions of the city of Zamosc is represented by the building that houses the City Hall, located in the north of the Great Market, and not in its center as most of the city halls, this being the desire of the city’s founder, Jan Zamojski, who did not want any view to overshadow his residence, the Zamojski Palace.

In the north of the Krolowej Jadwigi Street, is one of the oldest gate of the three gates built by Jan Zamojski, which was part of the first fortifications made by dirt, located on the east side of the village of Janowice, along with bastion No.5.


The City Hall of Zamosc

The City Hall of Zamosc was built in the late sixteenth century – beginning of the seventeenth century by the Italian architect Bernardo Morando and it was remodeled between the years 1639-1651, by Jan Jaroszewicz and Jan Wolff. They have increased the size of the building by adding three floors and an impressive bridge, its facades have been modeled according to the Mannerist style and architectural decoration in excess.

The beautiful City Hall in Zamosc

The beautiful City Hall in Zamosc ©PolandMFA/Flick

In the eighteenth century it was added a gard room, and in 1768, in front of the building were built double fan-shaped stairs. Two years later, in 1770, to the upper part of the City Hall tower was added a narrow dome equipped with a lantern, thus contributing to the altitude of the tower, which currently reaches 52 m. In the summer you can you can hear a trumpet song fro this clock tower every day at lunch.

The City Hall in Zamosc

The City Hall in Zamosc ©lifebeginsat50mm/Flick

The City Hall of Zamosc was transformed into a prison in the nineteenth century and in the next century to was renovated according to its original plans and resumed its function to accommodate the city council. When you enter the hall you can first see the emblem of St. Thomas, an ornament of the Cross of Grunwald, and a plaque that demonstrates the inclusion of the building on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

The main square of Zamosc with the Town Hall ©PolandMFA

The main square of Zamosc with the Town Hall ©PolandMFA/Flick

The Old Lublin Gate in Zamosc

Built in 1588, the gate was called Gate Janowicka or the Old Lublin Gate. It functioned until 1604, when it was built in to commemorate the victory of Jan Zamojski at the Battle of Byczyna when the Austrian Archduke, Maksymilian, an aspirant to the throne of Poland, was taken as prisoner. He was escorted into the town through the Janowicka Gate, and Zamojski was the last person who crossed its the threshold.

Today, one can see a brick structure, partially destroyed, with narrow windows in the north and decorated with reliefs.


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