The famous Rynek Glowny of Krakow

The Wierzynek Restaurant in Krakow

The Wierzynek Restaurant in Krakow ©mjaniec/Flick

Krakow remained in a Rip Van Winkle dismal sleep during the 44 years of communism. When awakened to life in the early 1990s, a new movement has revived its essence, the Rynek Glowny of Krakow, the largest  and most authentic medieval square on the continent. All roads lead to it.

Composed of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque facades, despite of its origin from the year 1257, the center is dominated by Sukiennice, a yellow arch, the “webs room” built in the 14th century and updated during the Renaissance. It still serves as a commercial center, selling objects related to Pope John Paul II, folk art, handicrafts and Eastern European crafts.

The trumpeter towers

In the northeast corner of the Rynek Glowny is Saint Mary, one of the most beautiful Gothic churches in Europe, founded in 1222 and rebuilt in 1355. The Church is opened to visitors from May 3 until August 30. The church is not also a beatiful architectural masterpiece, with many attractions, but in the many years of its existence gathered many stories as well.

Every Polish child knows the story behind the trumpeter towers, that sing each hour a song called “Hejnal” re-postulating the scene the fate of a hero from the 13th century, which received an arrow in his throat while sounding a warning horn during the Tartar invasion. The horn was left in the church tower and is called “Kosciol Mariacki”.

The trumpeter at the Rynek Glowny

The trumpeter at the Rynek Glowny ©dollie_mixtures/Flick

The famous Hotel Francuski

At a distance of two blocks from the Rynek Glowny of Krakow is no doubt, it was the best hotel of the city, the Hotel Francuski, opened in 1912. Although fully renovated, the hotel still offers the charm of the old world and a decor, an original art nouveau atmosphere.

Hotel Francuski on the Rynek Glowny

Hotel Francuski on the Rynek Glowny ©Piotr P./Flick

The oldest restaurant in Europe

Regarding restaurants in Krakow, choose with confidence the historical Wierzynek, the best place to enjoy the royal European services and traditional Polish specialties. Known as the oldest restaurant which operates throughout the whole Europe, its history goes back to 1364, when the innkeeper Mikolaj Wierzynek created a banquet where the guests of King Casimir the Great dishes were served from gold and silver plates. Since then, the restaurant Wierzynek hosted each visit of a head of state.

The Wierzynek Restaurant in Krakow

The Wierzynek Restaurant in Krakow ©mjaniec/Flick

Also experienced 500 years of history the elegant cafe on the ground floor or the venerable salon where the seasonal games, the mountain trout and mushroom sauce is served amidst the decorative reminders of the past. It is a real rarity to eat and or to be accomodated in places that once hosted important personalities and stand there for centuries, and the Rynek Glowny of Krakow gives you this opportunity.


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