The Great Market Square in Zamosc

The Old City of Zamosc

The Old City of Zamosc ©PolandMFA/Flick

Being positioned in the south-eastern part of Poland, the town of Zamosc is a major tourist, cultural and economic center. Since the old times, the city was a major economic center based on trade, due to its location linking western and northern Europe with the Black Sea. The specific of the city is that keeps alive the memory of bygone eras, by the many remains, ruins, old buildings and monuments.

Because of these tourist and cultural attractions Zamosc was called by historians the “Pearl of the Renaissance”. One of the most beautiful European central squares of the sixteenth century is in Zamosc and is known as the Great Market Square.

The Great Market Square in Zamosc impresses with its size, being built in a shape of a square with sides of 100 m, but also by its extremely beautiful houses, the homes of the former city traders present on each side of the market, known as the “Armenian homes”, and also the ruins of the former defense wall, including fragments of fortifications from the Russian domination in the nineteenth century.

The city of arches

Being modeled after the Italian model, the Great Square is surrounded by arcades. This is the reason why it is called “Zamosc – the city of arches”. The arches were a very important feature in the construction of the markets made in Italian style, as protected against strong sunlight and the rain, making the transition to cooler spaces such as terraces, various shops and even wine cellars.

The Old City of Zamosc

The Old City of Zamosc ©PolandMFA/Flick

The City Hall

The main tourist attraction of the Great Market Square in Zamosc is the building that houses the city hall with a 52 m high tower and its steps built in the eighteenth century. Unlike most city halls, it is not situated in the center, but in the northern part of the market, as a wish of the founder of the city, Jan Zamoyski, for which the priority was the building of his residence, the Zamoyski Palace.

The Town Hall in Zamosc

The Town Hall in Zamosc ©lifebeginsat50mm/Flick

Other attractions

On the north- south axis, in the interior, you will also find two other markets: the Salt Square in the north, on the Solna Street and the Water Square located in the southern direction, on the M. Morando Street.

The historic center of Zamosc is only accessible to pedestrians and was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, this city being “a unique example of Renaissance across Central Europe, designed and built by Italian theory in terms of an ideal city “.

The Market Square in Zamosc

The Market Square in Zamosc ©Adam Jones, Ph.D. – Global Photo Archive/Flick


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