The Jablonowski Palace and the Belvedere Palace in Warsaw

Jablonowski  Palace in Warsaw

Jablonowski Palace in Warsaw ©Guillaume Speurt/Flick

Located in the Teatralny Square in the Srodmiescie neighborhood, the Jablonowski Palace is an impressive structure that reminds us both of the Warsaw of the past and the city’s commitment of restoring historical buildings. This neoclassical building was built between 1773-1785 for Antoni Barnaba Jabłonowski, a leading Polish nobleman and politician. It was rebuilt in the early nineteenth century to house the City Hall.

At a few kilometers in the south of the Royal Palace is the residence of the Polish President, Bronislaw Komorowski. The building is known as the Belvedere Palace, whose name has an Italian origin, “bel view” meaning “beautiful view “.

View of Warsaw

View of Warsaw ©EazyIanish/Flick

The Jablonowski Palace

In 1863 the Jablonowski Palace in Warsaw was destroyed in a fire as a result of the uprising in January, then renovated in neo-Renaissance style. The roof was given a new shape and a new wing and a tower with three clocks was added to the palace.

During the Polish Defensive War of 1939, the City Hall served as the headquarters of the civil defense in Warsaw and in 1944 the building was destroyed by the German armed forces. Between 1989-1990, the northern part of the palace was reconstructed and the works were completed only in 1997, when the building was transformed into the headquarters of a bank.

Although the renovation was done according to the architectural plans before 1936, some parts of the Jablonowski Palace have gained a more contemporary look. Some pieces of interior furniture were saved during the reconstruction of the palace, and now are exhibited in the Gate Tower, along with a sketch of the old well.

Jablonowski  Palace in Warsaw

Jablonowski Palace in Warsaw ©Guillaume Speurt/Flick

The Belvedere Palace in Warsaw

The Belvedere Palace in Warsaw was originally built in 1660 for the last king of Poland, Stanislaw Augustus Poniatowski and was rebuilt several times over time. Its last renovation took place during the years 1998 – 2010 when it received a new facade, the damaged walls and windows were repaired, as in 2010 this building to become the headquarters of the president.

The Belvedere Palace in generally used forcelebrations, while the president is housed in the Presidential Castle in downtown, but also serves as a residence for state leaders during their official visit in Poland and other important guests.

Currently, inside the castle is an exhibition dedicated to Jozef Pilsudski, the revolutionary and the first head of state to Poland, which can be visited from Monday to Friday and one Saturday in the month between 09.00 and 15.00. Admission is free, the castle can be visited only in organized groups of 15 -20 people accompanied by a guide.

Belvedere Palace in Warsaw

Belvedere Palace in Warsaw ©jbquig/Flick


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