The Krasinski Palace in Warsaw

The Krasinski Palace at night

The Krasinski Palace at night ©_gee_/Flick

The Krasinski Palace is also known as the Palace of the Republic and is a baroque building in the beautiful city of Warsaw. It is situated on the Square of Krasinski and it was built between the years 1677 and 1683 for the Prince of Płock, Jan Dobrogost Krasinski based on the plans made by Tylman Gamerski.

The Krasinski Palace in Warsaw was decorated with sculptures and relief works made by Andreas Schlüter and depicting the victory of the famous “ancestor” of the Polish clans known as Ślepowron and Korwin. This commander of the Roman armies was called Manius Valerius Maximus Corvinus Messalla and his triumph took place in the year 263 BC.

The interior of the Krasinki Palace

The frescoes of the palace are the artwork of Michelangelo Pallone that was a painter from the court of Sobieski. We have to mention other interesting artworks of him as the ceilings of the palace and the frescoes on the vestibule of the palace. This is the place between the portal and the plafond that was usually abundantly decorated. The interiors of the Krasinki Palace in Warsaw have been partly completed in the year 1699. There were other paintings in the palace made by Peter Paul Rubens, Albrecht Dürer, Rembrandt and Antonio da Correggio, but these disappeared over the years.

On the front of the building you will find the sculptures of Andreas Schlüter. The internal decor elements were designed at the end of the 18th century by Domenico Merlini, but needed a restoration after the end of the Second World War.

The Krasinski Palace in Warsaw

The Krasinski Palace in Warsaw ©b1mbo/Flick

The French style palace

Gamerski wanted to make a building that looks like a French palace. This means that the building had to be placed between the front yard and the garden. Besides that it supposed to have a yard delimited by a U shaped building, two outbuildings placed symmetrically and a French garden with three radial pathways. According to the plans the Krasinki Palace supposed to be placed in the center of this garden. This plan was only partially realized.

The Krasinski Palace at night

The Krasinski Palace at night ©_gee_/Flick

The history of the palace

In the year 1765 the Rzeczpospolita bought the palace, which became the center of the Treasury Commission. In 1783 was a fire, and the interior of the palace needed to be partially remade. The renovation was made based on the plans of Domenico Merlini. In the years between the two wars the building was the seat of the Supreme Court of Poland. In the Secold World War the Krasinki Palace in Warsaw was burned and then totally demolished by the German armies, but then it was rebuilt.

Today the Krasinski Palace in Warsaw is houses the Special Collections Department of the National Library of Poland and exhibits old prints and some manuscripts. Of course, in the Second World War the building was not the only one that suffered damages, the former collection was almost totally destroyed by the Germans; today exists only about 5% of the original collection.

If you visit the palace, you can also take a walk also in the beautiful Krasinski Park nearby.

The Krasinski Park

The Krasinski Park ©Monika Kostera (urbanlegend)/Flick

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