The most beautiful recreational places in Poland

Ruins of a castle on the Easgles Nests' Trail

Ruins of a castle on the Easgles Nests’ Trail ©magro_kr/Flick

The capital of Poland is one of the greenest cities in Europe, with many large and well maintained parks. One of the most famous are the Saxon Gardens. Let’s see some other beautiful recreation places in Poland. If you like to walk between a historical buildings surrounded by amazing nature, the park in the heart of the Jura Mountains is the perfect place for you.

Czestochawa with the Jasna Gora Monastery is the most visited pilgrimage site in Central and Eastern Europe from the beginning of the fifteenth century. Salt mining at Wieliczka began in the thirteenth century, and tourists began to visit the mine since the fifteenth century.

The Saxon Gardens

The Saxon Gardens are one of the most beautiful recreational places in Poland and are close to the old town, the most important points of interest consisting of a fountain and an alley with statues, as well as several columns of the former Saxon Palace destroyed in the Second World War and never rebuilt. The garden was originally designed in Baroque style, but later it was rebuilt in Romantic style. In the park are enchanting trees and flowers, ponds, and benches from where you can enjoy all these.

The Saxon Gardens

The Saxon Gardens ©Ana Paula Hirama/Flick

Trail of the Eagles’ Nests

The Eagles Nests Park is a dream place with many majestic Gothic castles, some of them being very well preserved, which are overlooking the land from high mountain ridges. This protected area has about 25 castles and towers and a route of 163 km that can be crossed by car or bicycle. If you just want to relax in a beautiful surrounding, you can choose a smaller area where you can be relieved from the  stress. This recreational place in Poland can easily be reached from the cities of Krakow, Wielun and Censtohova.

Ruins of a castle on the Eagles' Nests Trail

Ruins of a castle on the Eagles’ Nests Trail ©magro_kr/Flick

The Wieliczka Salt Mine

The Wieliczka Salt Mine, famous for its chandeliers made ​​of salt, is one of the most spectacular mines in the world. It has nine levels and galleries that stretch along 300 miles. Even only a small part is accessible to the public, it is very interesting with many chapels and sculptures of various types. In 1978 the spectacular mine was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and it is one of those places where you can have a relaxing day in Poland.

The Wieliczka Salt Mine

The Wieliczka Salt Mine ©gripso_banana_prune/Flick

The Monastery of Jasna Gora

Located on the trade route linking Krakow with the western regions of Poland, Czestochawa is a small settlement that became famous in 1382 by founding the Monastery of Jasna Gora by Prince Wladysiaw Gpolczyk. The monastery complex of Jasna Gora include theLady Chapel, the sanctuary of the famous icon, the so-called Royal Apartments and the Stations of the Cross. Nowadays everything is upgraded and ready for the visit of Catholic and Orthodox pilgrims from Poland and from all countries in the world.This is a famous recreational place in Poland.


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