The Ojców National Park in Poland

Ojców National Park

Ojców National Park ©PolandMFA/Flick

In Poland are several small national parks and now we want to present uou the beautiful Ojców National Park. The center of the area is a castle ruin, which began to be rebuilt a few years ago. In the valley below the castle many guest houses avaits those who want to relax. The name of the castle comes from the time when the family who owned the castle, once hid there a dad.

The Ojcow National Park is a valley system, and on the northwestern exit of it is located the Pieskowa Skala Castle (Small Dog Rock Castle). The rock, of course, is limestone cliff, and not far from the castle is a 30 m high mace-shaped rock, the mace of Hercules.

The castle

You get to the castle entrance through a short but steep road. Hereyou get to a yard and if you walk until the end of it, you will have a view of the very well-kept castle gardens. If you enter the castle, you can go down into the garden through the left door. It is worth to be visited, it is very nice.

The castle in the Ojców National Park in Poland

The castle in the Ojców National Park in Poland ©PolandMFA/Flick

The natural surrounding

After visiting the castle you can see the rock formation called the mace of Hercules, it can be reached in 10 minutes from the entrance. When you go back to the parking lot, you don’t have to go back to the castle, it is a footpath under the castle, which passes near a few lakes, bypassing the rock on which the castle was built.

As the castle is just at 30 kilometers from Cracow and can be linked by visiting the other attractions of the Ojcow National Park, you can make an excellent one-day program.

The Ojców National Park in Poland

The Ojców National Park in Poland ©PolandMFA

Visiting the Ojcow National Park

If you don’t have a personal or a rented can, you get there by a minivan. You can see them at the bus stops in the city as they set down or pick up people. It might not be the most comfortable journey, but it is quick and cheap. These small buses are owned by private companies, so their prices are not equal. Outside the tourist season, for example in early spring, doesn’t exist any travel option to take you until the Ojców National Park, you will be left at about 7-8 km from the park. After a short walk you arrive at the entrance of the National Park where you might see snow in the woods.

If you are going to visit Krakow, a trip to the Ojcow National Park in Poland is definitely recommended.

Ojców National Park

Ojców National Park ©PolandMFA/Flick

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