The Old Market and the Bell Tower in Zamosc

The Old Square of Zamosc

The Old Square of Zamosc ©lpiepiora/Flick

In the extreme eastern part of the old town of Zamosc is located the Old Market also known as the Targowa Hall, being a place of extensive renovations necessary for the modernization of shops and cafes to attract a growing number of tourists.

Built between the years 1755-1775 in Baroque style after the original wood tower was burned in flames, the Bell Tower in Zamosc was built after the plans of the architect Jerzy de Kawe. On the halls of this building you can see a series of commemorative plaques dedicated to the inhabitants of Zamosc that have lost their lives during the Second World War.


The Old Market

The entry to the Old Market in Zamosc is via the Lwowska Gate, one of the three gates of the city that were part of the defense system built by Jan Zamojski. It was built in the Mannerist style after 1597, the erected works being finished two years later. Even today you can still see some original decorations, including a Latin inscription regarding the foundation of the city or the Zamojski family emblem.

Gate leading to the Old Square of Zamosc

Gate leading to the Old Square of Zamosc ©Kasia/Flick

The Old Market is near the best preserved military structure of the city, built in order to strengthen the existing defensive structures, known as the “bastion no. 7”. It has a pentagon shape and its front sides have a length of 71, respectively 77 m.

Through the Zamojski Tourist Information Centre can be arranged a series of trips in the area, the groups being accompanied by a guide that can provide information in different languages.

The Old Square of Zamosc

The Old Square of Zamosc ©lpiepiora/Flick

The Bell Tower in Zamosc

Once you get to the top of the Bell Tower in Zamosc, besides the magnificent view over the city and its surroundings, you also have the opportunity to see the three bells housed in the building. They are closely related to the history of the city and were named after those who founded them.

The largest and the oldest one was founded in 1660, weighs 4300 kg and is called Jan after Jan Zamojski, and is also one of largest bells in Poland. The second one was founded in 1715, it has  170 kg and is called “Wawrzyniec” after Wawrzyniec Sikorski. The third one was founded in 1721, weighs 1200 kg and is called “Tomasz” after Tomasz Jozef Zamojski.

The Bell Tower can be visited from Monday to Saturday between 10.00 and 16.00, the price of a ticket being 1.5 zlotys/person. The key can be found at the Sacral Museum.

Street in Zamosc with the Bell Tower in the background

Street in Zamosc with the Bell Tower in the background ©Emmanuel Dyan/Flick


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