The Polish cuisine

Polish Bigos

Polish Bigos ©DoNotLick/Flick

The Polish cuisine must be loved. It is characterized by simplicity, high quality ingredients and excellent taste.

The stormy centuries of the country had a positive impact on Polish cuisine despite of the troubled destiny the country.

Because of the constantly changing borders, rulers and allies it is one of the most diverse and inclusive kitchens in Europe.

The taste of the Polish food was influenced by German, Russian, French and Hungarian cuisine.


The indispensable meat

Meat is the basic element of the Polish cuisine. The most important is the pork, but they often eat beef and venison as well.

They usually prepare plain of filled (Kotlet schabowy) pork steak, but the schnitzel and the sausages (kiełbasa) are also popular. In most of the cases, the Polish sausage is seasoned with marjoram. This sausage is also an important ingredient of the popular Polish potato soup, the Zurek.

Polish Zurek

Polish Zurek ©KLMircea/Flick

The Poles love the crispy pork knuckle (golonka), and they also enrich other different main dishes with a big quantity of meat.

Due to the mountain streams and the sea, in the Polish kitchen is used a large variety of fish, including the fried trout and the marinated herring.

Vegetables used in the Polish cuisine

The sour cabbage, the beetroot, the wild mushrooms, the cucumber and the kohlrabi is an integral part of the Polish cuisine. From the sour cabbage they make the famous Bigos and the beetroot is a fundamental ingredient of the Barszcz soup.

Polish Bigos

Polish Bigos ©DoNotLick/Flick

Besides the marjoram they also use season the food with caraway, dill and parsley.

Because of the cold climate the Poles love the meaty soups. If the selected soup is still not nutritious enough they often offer fried pancakes stuffed with meat or cabbage (krokiety).

The famous polish pastries

The Polish kitchen is famous of its deserts. In Poland you will find a great variety of pastries. The Polish housewives still buy a huge amount of apple pies (Szarlotka), different cakes with cheese or poppy seeds for the Sunday lunch.

Szarlotka, Polish apple pie

Szarlotka, Polish apple pie ©secretlondon123/Flick

Popular drinks in Poland

The Poles like drinking coffee, that is usually prepared as in Turkey. They make a variety of milkshakes, like to drink tea, and offer compote glasses of which the most common are made from apple and rhubarb.

In the mountain villages are wonderful springs, and the Polish alcoholic drinks are not despicable as well. The best known Polish beer is the Żywiec, and the internationally popular drink made of rye is the Zubrowka. They often eat with pretzels or home made bread with pork dripping while they drink beer.

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