The population of tiny dwarfs in Wroclaw

Blind and deaf dwarfs with the W-skers

Blind and deaf dwarfs with the W-skers ©moniko moniko/Flick

Wroclaw in one of those Polish cities that you absolutely have to visit. It is the historical capital of Silesia, an important cultural and scientific center. It is a beloved destination for tourists and business travelers.

Wroclaw has many tourist attractions, but today we would like to present the population of tiny dwarfs in Wroclaw.

The dwarfs took Wroclaw since 2003, when the Mayor of Wrocław opened an extra room in the Jas house: the Dwarf Museum, which has a miniature sign board at the level of the human knee.

There already was placed a figurine of a dwarf on Świdnicka Street in the year 2001, that was the meeting place of the Orange Alternative, but since 2003 the tiny dwarfs statues started to populate the city of Wroclaw. The first was the Warrior Dwarf (Szermierz), the Butcher Dwarf (Rzeznik) and two Sisyphus Dwarfs (Syzyfki).

Sisyphus Dwarfs

Sisyphus Dwarfs ©.Pete./Flick

Then followed the Washer Dwarf near the Oder (Pracz Odrzanski) at the Piast bridge.

Washer Dwarf

Washer Dwarf ©Bo&Ko/Flick

The Blind and Deaf Dwarfs are accompanying the W-skers. The Children’s Oncology Clinic is enriched by the Life Dreamer Dwarf (Marzenka).

Blind and deaf dwarfs with the W-skers

Blind and deaf dwarfs with the W-skers ©moniko moniko/Flick

Hundreds of little inhabitants in Wroclaw

In the following years the City Council placed a large number of dwarfs in Wroclaw, until today more than a hundred of them show up in the most unexpected places. The companies started to make their own dwarf as well.

It is a great tourist possibility to find them all. They are small, and not just simply sit, stand, lie on the floor, but the also can be found on lamp columns, windows, door entrances and so on.

Dwarf on a lamp

Dwarf on a lamp ©Bo&Ko/Flick

But finding them is not impossible with the help of a dwarf map. You will find keeper dwarfs, gourmet dwarf, sleepy dwarf, music dwarf, butcher dwarf, skiing dwarf and many others.

Keeper Dwarf

Keeper Dwarf ©plusLoinQueLaNuitEtLeJour/Flick

The beginning of the dwarf story

The dwarf story started in the early 1980s, when the Orange Alternative organization began to operate in Wroclaw. They were on the side of the Polish opposition, but were a little different, because culture is very had a very important role in their demonstrations. The members of the Orange Alternative painted dwarfs on the walls, they organized various actions, and meetings, and also made some abstract dwarfs graffities. The time and place of their actions were written in several parts of the city on the walls, and if the authority tried to cover them, they painted a dwarf on it.

The most active period of the Orange Alternative was between the years 1985-89, in 1988 they already organized different actions in Poznan, Gdansk and Krakow. For example they wrote a letter in the name of Lenin, they were singing songs that praised Stalin in the front of the monkey cage at the zoo, they performed a trial court, or even marched in Warsaw marched while saying: we like Lenin. Their actions were successful and popular, thousands of people gathered to laugh along with them at the authorities.

The organization didn’t disappear after 1990, but they obviously changed their goals. This group of artists is still organizing different actions.

Prison Dwarf

Prison Dwarf ©stephanie.lafayette/Flick

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