The Powazki Cemetery in Warsaw

The Powazki cemetery in Warsaw

The Powazki cemetery in Warsaw ©Alberto Carrasco Casado/Flick

Located in the western part of Warsaw, in the Wola district, the Powazki Cemetery is the most famous and oldest cemetery of the city and was founded in the year 1790. In Polish is called the Stare Powązki which translated means the Old Powązki and is not to be confused with the Powazki Military Cemetery.

Because it is a cross between a traditional cemetery and a park with secular trees, where rest the remains of two million inhabitants, the Powazki Cemetery can be surely considered one of the most beautiful Polish Catholic cemeteries. It was designed according to the plans of architect Dominik Merlini.


Tombs of famous people

The Powazki Cemetery in Warsaw holds in the catacombs the remains of many famous people including the remains of the family of King Stanislaw August Poniatowski, its relatives and the members of the royal court. The cetemery is also the resting place of some famous Polish people including Jan Kilinski – the leader of the Warsaw uprising of 1794, the actor and director Wojciech Bogusławski, Wojciech Zywny – the first piano teacher of Fryderyk Chopin, the writer Bolesław Prus and many others. In 1925 it was built along the south wall of the catacombs the Avenue of Notables along which are located the tomb of the writer Władysław Reymont, a Nobel Prize winner and the tombs of the poet Leopold Staff and the writer Maria Dabrowska.

The beautiful Powazki cemetery

The beautiful Powazki cemetery ©Alberto Carrasco Casado/Flick

The church of the cemetery

The Powazki Cemetery in Warsaw has a church that is known as the Saint Karol Boromeusz Church founded by King Stanisław August Poniatowski and his brother, and served both as a parish church and as a mortuary chapel, at one time even functioning as a morgue. It was destroyed during the Warsaw Uprising, but then rebuilt after the Second World War. The reconstruction works were completed only in 1960.

The Powazki cemetery

The Powazki cemetery ©eisenbahner/Flick

National monuments in the cemetery

Despite the destruction caused by the Second World War the Powazki Cemetery remains as a rich museum of history for Warsaw and a true sculptural treasure that boasts great artwork fro the neoclassical period, the secession and contemporary art. All the underground galleries of the cemetery are considered to be national monuments and is under the strict supervision of the Office for the Protection of Monuments. Every year at the Day of All Saints since 1975, famous television personalities, actors, athletes and politicians raise money to renovate the cemetery, and thus providing the perfect opportunity for many people to know their idols.

The Powazki cemetery in Warsaw

The Powazki cemetery in Warsaw ©Alberto Carrasco Casado/Flick



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