The Radziwill Palace or the Presidential Palace in Warsaw

The Radziwill Palace at night

The Radziwill Palace at night ©Duygu and Bolo/Flick

The Radziwill Palace in Warsaw that we can see today is the last classic version of the one that stayed here since 1643. Over the years it has been rebuilt and remodeled for several times. For its first 175 years of existence the palace was the private property of several aristocratic families. Since 1818 the building began operating as a governmental structure, today being the Residential Palace.

Located on the Krakowskie Przedmiescie street, Radziwill Palace was built in 1643 by one of the greatest military commanders of Poland, Stanisław Koniecpolski and by his son, Aleksander, according to the plans of the court architect of King Vladislav IV.

The owners of the palace

A few years after the construction of the castle, it became the property of the Lubomirski family, and from 1674 the palace belonged for 150 years to the Radziwills family. In the early eighteenth century, the building was rebuilt in the classical style, and in 1821, were places stone lion statues on the street side of the Radziwill Palace, the project belonging to Camillo Landini. In 1817, the palace became the residence of the Tsarist Governor and after the First World War the building housed the Presidium of the Council of Ministers.

Today, the Radziwill Palace in Warsaw is known as the Presidential Palace, as since 1994 it was transformed into the headquarters of the Polish President and the place where it is being organized a series of business meetings between the official guests of the President.

The Presidential Palace in Warsaw

The Presidential Palace in Warsaw ©David Berkowitz/Flick

Fryderyk Chopin at the palace

The palace is also known to be the first place where Fryderyk Chopin gave his first piano concert at a fairly young age of only eight years, on February 24, 1818. The concert was organized at the initiative of Countess Zofia Zamoyski, from the part of the Charity Society of Warsaw. To celebrate this event, in 2010, with the celebration of 192 years since the first concert of Chopin, a commemorative plaque was unveiled to the public.

The Radziwill Palace in Warsaw

The Radziwill Palace in Warsaw © Jorge Lascar/Flick

The main halls of the palace

The Presidential Palace in Warsaw is opened only to visitors in organized groups or accompanied by a guide, but only scheduled previously. Tourists can admire the castle rooms including the Main Hall, the Knights Hall, the White Hall – the most important room of the castle where the head of other states are received, the Rococo Room – the room where the President wives meet, the Blue Room – the place of the most important conferences, the Ballroom, the Winter Garden created in 2000 and many others. Besides these tourists can also see the equestrian statue of Prince Jozef Poniatowski inside the court of the building and the, which was rebuilt in 1965 after the original sculpture was destroyed by the Germans in 1944.

The Radziwill Palace at night

The Radziwill Palace at night ©Duygu and Bolo/Flick


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