The Royal Baths Park or the Lazienki Park in Warsaw

The Palace on Water in the Lazienki Park

The Palace on Water in the Lazienki Park ©Ana Paula Hirama/Flick

The Royal Baths Park, or the Lazienkowski Park in Polish, is the largest as area in ​​Warsaw and one of the largest parks in the whole world. Occupying an area of ​​76 hectares, the park is located in the city center, offering all the tourists the chance to spend some wonderful moments of relaxation in a magical place. The Park-and-palace complex is located on Ujazdów street.

The plans for the Lazienki Park were designed in the 17th century by Tylman van Gameren. The architectural style chosed for the park is baroque and it was made for Herakliusz Stanisław Lubomirski. The name of the park, Lazienki (“Baths”), came from a bathing pavilion that was located there.

The development of the park

After Stanisław August Poniatowski was elected as king of Poland in 1764 new gardens were added to the existing Royal Baths Park. The classical style garden development became a major project for King Stanisław August Poniatowski. The park-and-palace complex was designed by Domenico Merlini, Johann Christian Kammsetzer and the landscape designer, Jan Schuch Chrystian. The buildings are located near the lake and the Lazienki river or close to them.

The Lazienki Park in Warsaw

The Lazienki Park in Warsaw ©Ana Paula Hirama/Flick

The wars and the damages of the garden

Most of the buildings in the Lazienki Park suffered severe damages during and after the Warsaw uprising in 1944, amid fighting between German and Polish forces. The structures of the Royal Baths Park were relatively well preserved, compared to the Old Town, where the Germans drilled holes in the walls of palaces for placing explosive charges, but they were not placed to destroy buildings.

The reconstruction of the park and the palaces was completed within a few years after the Second World War.

The Royal Baths Park in Warsaw

The Royal Baths Park in Warsaw ©PolandMFA/Flick

The structures of the Park

Currently the Lazienki Park has beautiful buildings such as the White House, the Temple of Diana, the Roman Theatre, the Myślewicki Palace, the Old Orangery, the New Orangery, the Egyptian Temple, the Water Tower and the Palace on the water. Millions of tourists annually visit the beautiful Lazienki park, where they spend a great time and at the same time, manage to find things untold until then about the magnificent city of Warsaw.

The Palace on Water in the Lazienki Park

The Palace on Water in the Lazienki Park ©Ana Paula Hirama/Flick


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