The Warsaw Zoological Garden

Elephant in the Zoological Garden in Warsaw

Elephant in the Zoological Garden in Warsaw ©rafales2008/Flick

Stretching over an area of ​​40 hectares near the Ratuszowa street in Warsaw the Warsaw Zoological Garden gives home to over 4,000 animals representing more than 500 species.

Visited by 600,000 people annually, the Zoo officially opened its doors on the 11st of March in 1928, although since the 17th century there were a few private menageries that were sometimes opened to the public. Unfortunately the Warsaw Zoo was bombed in 1939 and therefor many animals have died. After Warsaw surrended to the Germans the Warsaw Zoological Garden was closed and resumed its activity in the year 1949.


The huge area of the elephants

Today, besides animals such as brown bears, storks, otters, giraffes, many species of birds, tropical fish and many others the visitors of the Warsaw Zoo can also enjoy the land of the elephants, which is an area of ​​6,000 m2, specially created for them in 2003 with two outdoor and one indoor pools and a paddock designed for the African elephants. Since 2012 it became the home of four elephants, three of them being female.

Elephant in the Zoological Garden in Warsaw

Elephant in the Zoological Garden in Warsaw ©rafales2008/Flick

The biggest fish aquarium in Poland

In 2010 after a series of design work were opened the house hippos and the shark aquarium with both indoor and outdoor pool for hippos. Warsaw has the biggest aquarium with fish in Poland. The water tank of the zoo has 100,000 liters and houses the sand tiger shark, the carpet shark, species of the Zebrasoma class and some species of coral as well.

The famous monkey pavilion

One of the newest building of the Warsaw Zoological Garden is the monkey pavillion and it was opened in 2008. The pavilion is currently hosting two gorillas and nine chimpanzees. Visitors can watch the monkeys from the outside of the building through the glass that separates them or from some trails that are surrounded by water.

Monkey in the Zoological Garden in Warsaw

Monkey in the Zoological Garden in Warsaw ©Leszek.Leszczynski/Flick

Special places for the entire family

Inside the Warsaw Zoo are many restaurants and souvenir shops. In the center of the zoo is a space specially created for children and it is called in Polish Baśniowe Zoo, which means “Fairytale Zoo” There the kids can play freely and can touch the animals, they can actually feed themwith carrots or apples. Children usually love zoos, but they will really love this special place, it is a very good idea to visit it with your family.

The program of the zoo

The Warsaw Zoological Garden is opened all year round in weekdays from 09.00 to 18.00 and on weekends and holidays the program is extended until 19.00. The price of a ticket varies from 13 to 18 zlotys / person.

Lion in the Zoological Garden in Warsaw

Lion in the Zoological Garden in Warsaw ©Leszek.Leszczynski/Flick

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