Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Poznan

The Old City Hall or Ratusz in Poznan

The Old City Hall or Ratusz in Poznan ©TravelingOtter/Flick

Poznan is one of the largest cities in Poland and has a charming atmosphere, combining history with modernity.

There is no reason to get bored in the city of Poznan in Poland. Start with mandatory attractions to see, move then to the imposing buildings and museums, participate in several rounds, practice outdoor activities and make your way beyond the beaten track to discover hidden gems eyes of many. Take time just to get your breath.

We would like to give you a hand by presenting the top 5 tourist attractions in Poznan.

1. National Museum

The National Museum has an impressive collection of art, which offers authentic examples of the “Mloda Polska” artistic movement of the early 20th century and abstract works from the ’50s and ’60s. In a wing of the museum are exhibited impressive collections of paintings belonging to Italian, Dutch, Flemish and Spanish artists.

2. Zamek

This fascinating building will appeal to those who are passionate about the history of the Second World War. The “castle” dates back to beginning of the last century and it was built by the Germans to serve as a residence for Kaiser, in his travels in this area (at a time when Poznan or Posen was a German city).

The Imperial Castle or Zamek in Poznan

The Imperial Castle or Zamek in Poznan ©M Sebastian/Flick

Between the two world wars, it was used by the University of Poznan, but after the Nazi invasion of 1939, began the work of transformation of this building into office for Adolf Hitler and a residence for the Nazi governor of this region in Poland. The architect of this project was none other than Albert Speer. The works were completed in 1944, shortly before the Germans were expelled from Poznan.

Over the years there have been discussions on castle demolition, but it resisted and currently serves as a cultural center.

3. Old City Hall (Ratusz)

The building dates from the 14th century, but was extensively renovated in the 16th century in Renaissance style by Italian architect Giovanni Quadro. Unfortunately, much of the building was destroyed in the Second World War, preserving a small part of the original structure. The best example of what is left is the Gothic cellar, which today houses the Historical Museum of Poznan.

The Old City Hall or Ratusz in Poznan

The Old City Hall or Ratusz in Poznan ©TravelingOtter/Flick

It is a tourist attraction that worth visiting, especially if you are interested of the development of the city from the 10th century until today. Since entering the museum, you will see the extravagant interior of the entire building.

At noon take a look to the clock to see the two famous mechanical goats. They refer to a legend of the city about two animals that during a confrontation drew the attention of the locals on a fire that could destroy the whole place.

4. Cathedral

The Basilica of St. Peter and Paul remained one of the most respected churches in Poland. Excavations in the area revealed that this church lies in the current location for more than 1000 years, from the time when Polish kings have accepted Catholicism as a religion in the 10th century.

Over the time the cathedral was renovated and reconstructed and the fire in 1945 destroyed much of the original design, the actual appearance is a mixture of neo-Gothic and Baroque styles. In the chapel behind the altar lie the remains of the first kings of Poland, Mieszko I and Boleslaw the Brave.

Cathedral in Poznan

Cathedral in Poznan ©Ariaski/Flick

5. 64-140 Boszkowo

The last tourist attraction is 64-140 Boszkowo, which is a lovely lake with shallow waters. It is good for swim practicing, kayaking and sailing aboard other boats. It is the favorite place of children, although is a bit crowded during the summer months. The lake is connected to other lakes by channels, which can be used for kayaking. In fact, the entire region to east and to north from Leszno/Wschowa is full of lakes, representing a paradise for fishermen.

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