Tourist guide to Lublin

The Old Town of Lublin

The Old Town of Lublin ©PolandMFA/Flick

The city of Lublin is one of the largest Polish cultural and urban tourist centers. The first settlements in this area date back to the early medieval period, and due to its  positioning at the border of Poland, the city had an important role in defense, so today we can visit a large number of fortresses and high walls from the medieval times. Due to its position the city was also the target of attacks of the migratory troops during history, gaining the official status of town only in 1317.

Lublin will satisfy both the tourists looking for a relaxing holiday that want to have fun and take advantage of the nightlife of the city, and those who are interested in a cultural voyage.

Today we offer a short tourist guide to Lublin.

Being an important university center, 40% of the population of the city is made up of students and young people.

The old city center

The old city center of Lublin is famous for the unique atmosphere due to the active night life, restaurants and pubs framed in a landscape dominated by monument architectural buildings, cobbled streets and lanterns. The Old Town Center is also known as “ittle Krakow” because the apparent old and modern look at the same time, that gives a unique atmosphere to this place. There you can find the building of the Philharmonic, a major tourist attraction because of the edifice declared a monument, but also because it is a cultural oasis thanks to concerts and operettas that take place here.

The Old Town of Lublin

The Old Town of Lublin ©PolandMFA/Flick

Museums in Lublin

For the lovers of museums, the Museum of Lublin is a mandatory visit. It was founded in the twentieth century and has impressive collections of art: paintings from the 17th-20th centuries, Polish and foreign decorative art, historical and war paintings, local folk art, coins and medals dating from the 5th-10th century, old, autjentic weapons from the 10th century and the Second World War. In the Lublin Provincial Museum you can admire an impressive gallery of Polish historical paintings and an interesting collection of weapons and one folk exhibition.

Other architectural attractions

The Holy Trinity Chapel and the Lublin Castle are two other monuments from the 14th century that attract tourists, there can also be seen a valuable collection of art and painting.

Lublin Cathedral is a place of worship and a religious symbol of the city of Lublin. The building was made in baroque style and impresses with its outstanding murals. Near the cathedral lies the Trinitarian Tower that is opened to visitors and offers tourists a unique view of the entire city of Lublin.

In the city of Lublin

In the city of Lublin ©PolandMFA/Flick

At the entrance of the old city lies another old monument, the Krakowska Gate. This is a remnant of the defensive walls built around the city of Lublin in the 17th century because of migratory enemy attacks.

Festivals in Lublin

Lublin offers tourists a wide range of tourist attractions, but also an unforgettable cultural experience. The city was nicknamed the “Capital of Festivals” considering that every year there is a new manifestation of this kind. Tourists can admire and even participate in some of them: Museum Night Festival, Poetry Festival, Short Films Festival, Martial Arts Carnival, Jazz Festival, Festival of Classical Music, Folk Dance festival and many more.

The city of Lublin

The city of Lublin ©Jean & Nathalie/Flick

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