Tourist guide to Torun

The city hall of Torun

The city hall of Torun ©Jason Riedy/Flick

Unfolding on the banks of the largest river in Poland, the city of Torun lies in the northern part of the country, being inscribed on the UNESCO Heritage list due to the many attractions and cultural sights it has. Torun received town privileges in 1233, therefore, it has a rich history that has left on its territory a lot of relics and monuments that reminds us of the past times.

During the Second World War the city was almost entirely destroyed with the chasing of the Nazis from Poland. After the war the city started a stunning expansion and the old city walls became too small for the population explosion.


The city grew out of them, thus forming the old town and the new town. The city has a new modern allure with many new buildings and heavily urbanized appearance, in contrast to the old town.

The Gothic Pearl of Torun

The Old Town is the area between the old defensive walls. It was nicknamed the “Gothic Pearl”, given that here are the most gothic buildings in Poland. The Torun Fortress was built between 1872 and 1894 and is one of the largest fortress in Central and Eastern Europe. It consists of 15 forts surrounding the old city, a real complex of walls, towers and moats. Originating from the early settlements of the Teutonic Knights, the city retains a lot of relics from that period. The most important is the Teutonic Castle, which dates back to the 13th century.

The city of Torun

The city of Torun ©Jeroen Fossaert/Flick

Cultural attractions in Torun

Torun is an important cultural center of Poland. The Symphony Orchestra of the city is well known in Europe and the Center for Contemporary Art is another cultural object, located right in the center of the town. The astronomy enthusiasts should not miss this city that gave birth to the most famous astronomer Copernicus Nicolás, in whose honor visitors can enjoy today the Planetarium and the Astronomical Observatory of the city, two of the most famous buildings of this kind in Europe. The history of the city is so rich and interesting that there are about ten museums that deal with this topic. The University Museum and the Kopernik  House are two of the greatest museums and elucidate of this type.

The old town of Torun

The old town of Torun ©Jason Riedy/Flick

Churches of the city

The churches of the city of Torun are true works of art both in architectural and cultural terms. The Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist is the largest and dates back from the fourteenth century. It was built in Gothic style with a baroque altar. From the same period dates and Saint Mary Church and Saint Jacob church both of them being built in Gothic style.

Torun is a perfect destination for families but also for young people. In the old city youngsters can enjoy the vibrant nightlife of the venues that perfectly combined with the Gothic and antique atmosphere of the city. The numerous parks and green spaces are ideal for families who want a relaxing holiday.

The city hall of Torun

The city hall of Torun ©Jason Riedy/Flick

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