Un-Earthing Experiences in Poland

Mi?dzyrzecz ©BiLK_Thorn/flickr

Mi?dzyrzecz ©BiLK_Thorn/flickr

Challenging yet amazing, is such an enjoyment that the underground routes has to offer. See both the conservation and learn about the historical facts through a unique underground tour and uncover the mystery. More than 70 such routes from caves, underground stores, middle-age dungeons, old mines, under the old towns, bunkers to post-military areas and objects, they all had different scent of secrets and their own stories to tell. Old unique tales, some thoughts of the legendary rulers as well as inhabitants centuries back in time.

Mi?dzyrzecz Fortification Region

It was formerly a German fortification. Out of a few dozen of military buildings, twenty-one are connected by underground tunnels as long as 30 kilometers. In Pniewo near Ka?awa in the Lubuskie Province is a recommended way to start your visit. Decide if you want a tour of two hours or even the entire day of eight hours. Explore the organized games, line slides, cycling, motor rides and even cross-country walks. You can get there from the nearest Babimost airport or Przylepa sports airfield. Alternatively by rail in Mi?dzyrzecze and ?wiebodzin which is only thirteen kilometers away. Definitely worth the effort to get to the Mi?dzyrzecz Fortification Region.

Underground Salt Cathedral of Poland, Wieliczka

Well known in this area is the world’s 14th oldest operating salt mine called “Wieliczka Salt Mine”. Wieliczka ia a town founded by Duke Premislas II of Poland in 1290. What you must see is the dozens of statues in the mine. There is an entire chapel carved out of rock salt. Nowadays, it is open for tourist visits and the commercial mining activities was stopped due to the mine flooding and low salt prices.

378 steps downwards

Wieliczka ©dimaruss34/flickr

Wieliczka ©dimaruss34/flickr

Tour for three kilometers, around corridors, chapels and lake underground, the experience includes going underground 135 meters deep down by an elevator, and then up to the surface. It is a special elevators with 36 passengers capacity but nine people per car. You will see that the waiting to board the elevator is longer than the real going up to the surface. the 378 steps wooden stairways is somewhat an activity but when you are moving along, the time of waiting seemed less appealing.

This special UNESCO heritage site situated in the south central part of Poland, southeast of Krakow is definitely worth a visit and highly recommended. Also you must not miss the deeper extension twenty kilometers away, Bochnia Salt Mine.

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