Useful information for the visitors of Poland

The center square of Krakow

The center square of Krakow ©tgraham/Flick

Poland is situated in the center of the old continent and in the past few years has become a very popular  tourists destination. The beauty of this country can be admired in the old cities, in the nature reserves and national parks as well that can be found throughout the country. Its center is divided in the low lands found in the north and the high lands. In the south we meet the Tatras and the Carpathians, this being an ideal place for practicing different sports and learning more about the local tradition.

Today we would like to present some useful information for the visitors of Poland.

The importance of the cultural heritage

Poland is certanly one of those countries that greatly appreciates its cultural heritage having many theaters and operas. Lodz was once a the city of textiles, but today has a movie school of the famous directors Roman Polanski and Krzysztof Kieslowski. It is the country of many great personalities as the chemist Marie Curie, the composer Frederick Chopin and the astronomer Nicholas Copernicus.

The city of Lodz

The city of Lodz ©Kamil Porembiński/Flick

The Polish cuisine

If you have consider visiting Poland, it’s good to know a few things about the local cuisine. We have to say it has a special flavor and the most common ingredients are: marjoram, dill, mushrooms, fennel and cream usually added to sauces, soups and boiled meat. A typical Polish meal usually includes a thick, rich soup. The soup called borsch is quite thin and it is usually served with cabbage and meat pies. After a meal it’s time for a dessert that consists in many cases of szarlotka that is an apple pie, of packi that is a donut with jelly or of makowiec that is a poppy cake. Among the traditional Polish specialties we have to mention the dumplings stuffed with meat called pierogi, the Kabanos sausage, the cabbage with meat, the bigos and herring fillets with pickles and onions.

Polish pierogi

Polish pierogi ©quinn.anya/Flick

Some famous cities of Poland

Warsaw is the capital of Poland, being the largest city in the country and a favorite tourist destination. This town has a dynamic and cosmopolitan center that is in constant expansion, where you have the opportunity to stay at one of the many luxury hotels and you can dine at an expensive restaurant. Krakow is an other famous tom in the country and is the owner of one of the best preserved medieval city centers in Europe. The old city was declared a UNESCO monument a few years ago and has a large number of precious architectural elements and in downtown you will find one of the largest squares on the continent, the Old Store Square.

The center square of Krakow

The center square of Krakow ©tgraham/Flick

The climate in Poland

If you visit Poland you should know that the country has a moderate climate where the temperatures in the south are usually higher than the temperatures in the north. In summer, the average temperature is somewhere around 17 Celsius degrees on the coast and around 18 Celsius degrees in the region of Lower Silesia. In winter the average temperatures are varying between 0 and -7 Celsius degrees.

If you plan to spend a holiday in Poland, it’s good to know that the infrastructure of this country is slightly underdeveloped, it has a small number of highways. The total length of the roads is quite much but the country does not have the required density of highways.

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