Useful information for visitors of Poland

Polish restaurant

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Poland is a very unique country with many beautiful places. We gathered some useful information for visitors of Poland.

The lovers of special objects will find plenty souvenir shops in Poland, with antiques, original objects made by artists and craftsmen.

If you want to buy real Polish food, for example real butter, Polish meat products, home made bread, you should go to the market. This has a very old tradition in Poland and it reminds us that we can still buy almost anything here.


Polish Bread

Polish Bread ©

Shopping in Poland

If you are one of those who like fast shopping in hypermarkets you will not be disappointed. The major international store networks can be found in Poland, they are usually opened until late, some of them non-stop. In general we find them in the big cities or in their outer regions.

The shopping centers in the big cities are getting more and more popular. There you can find everything in one place: shops, services and entertainment from morning till night.

The antiquity markets are especially exciting (mostly in big cities). In Gdansk every summer in held the famous St. Dominik Fair, where you can buy antique furniture, bicentennial medals, ancient coins, military helmets, special pictures and books.

If you want to purchase beauty items, clothes, you can buy them is smaller shops or boutiques accompanied with a very nice service in Poland.

Small shops in Poland

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Eating in Poland

We would like to offer you some useful information in the case that someone invites you to a Polish home.

If you are invited to lunch you should arrive with an empty stomach, otherwise it will be difficult to enjoy the excellent soup, the snitzel with potatoes and stewed cabbage, the cheesecake and one liter of home made wine.

If you don’t drink alcohol, in Poland is not enough to say that, you have to be really firm.

They think that kissing the hand is very polite. It is usual especially among older people.

If you take a meal in a restaurant, they welcome the tip. The amount of it corresponds to the European standards that is a minimum of 10% of the invoice.

Polish restaurant

Polish restaurant ©Archway Andres/Flick

The importance of family and friends

Of course there are many more typical Polish customs. It is good to know that the Poles are very helpful, especially when it comes to acquaintances. The Polish learned during the dark periods of history that are responsible for each other, for their family and friends.

Since 95% of the Polish population is Roman Catholic they give a special importance to religious feasts, especially Christmas and Easter. During the holidays every Polish family spend together 3 days with a common feast.

Polish feast

Polish feast ©meaduva/Flick

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