Visiting the city of Szczeczin in Poland

The Church of St Peter and Paul in Szczecin

The Church of St Peter and Paul in Szczecin ©onnola/Flick

The city of Szczecin in Poland is the first largest Polish port on the Baltic Sea. The city is the capital of Western Pomerania.

It is located in north-western part of Poland, on the banks of the River Oder, near the Baltic coast and the border with Germany.

The western part of the town is known as the Left Bank and the eastern part the Right Bank.

Between the two parts of the city is an archipelago of islands, many of them with port infrastructure.

According to the historians, the city of Szczecin in Poland was a stronghold of the West Slavic tribes of the Pomeranians, founded in the eighth century to control the mouth of the Oder River. Some parts of the city walls and the Tower of Seven Coats from the 14th century are still standing today.

The oldest cinema in the world

Behind the walls of Szczecin you will find the oldest cinema in the world called Pionier 1909 (Pioneer 1909). The cinema officially was opened on the 26th of September in 1909 with short film screenings, but the theater’s founder, Otto Blauer has already projected films in 1907 in the restaurant section. The cinema has two halls, a Main Hall (Główna) and a Cinema room (Kiniarnia), where you can watch movies projected with the old projector while sitting at a table with a cup of tea or a glass of wine. In 2005 the Pionier 1909 was included in the Guinness Book of Records.

Pionier 1909 Cinema

Pionier 1909 Cinema ©onnola/Flick

Back to the world war

The Szczecin Underground Tourist Route is designed to literally travel back to the times of the war. The nice return to the hedonistic 21st century provides a nice walk over the fabulous Emerald Lake. Although the lake is formed in mining cavity and the emerald color is a result of the calcite ground, nothing reminds of the original nature of the place.

Architectural tourist attractions in Szczecin

On the Sienny Square lies the 15th century town hall, which is the center of the Szczecin Historical Museum. The central square is decorated with historic houses and you may want to admire a little the palaces of the Old Town.

The city of Szczecin has a Gothic cathedral from the 14th-15th century. The most beautiful part of the Gothic Church of St. Peter and Paul is the ceiling was made in 1703, but the outer walls of the temple present some individual pieces.

The Church of St Peter and Paul in Szczecin

The Church of St Peter and Paul in Szczecin ©onnola/Flick

The famous grain brandy of Szczecin

In Szczecin operates the famous Polmos, which is a vodka factory that produces grain barndy. This has a tradition from the 16th century. The recipe of the brandy is top secret, but the tourists are allowed to visit the distillery of the factory.

The Polish Harley

It you are visiting Szczecin you will see that is a multi-faceted city. The Junak is a Polish Harley, the motorcycle champion and originates from Szczecin. The Junakot was manufactured between 1960 and 1965 and was the king of the roads. The 350 cm3 engine could reach a speed of 150 km/h and had a voice that couldn’t be confused with anything.

Houses on the Sienny Square

Houses on the Sienny Square ©onnola/Flick


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