Winter vacation in Poland

Winter in Poland

Winter in Poland ©atkinson000/Flick

Winter has arrived to Europe and if you are searching for cheap, interesting, picturesque and even adventurous alternatives of spending your winter holidays or some snowy days of the first months of the year by practicing some winter sports, Poland might be a great alternative.

Tired of the artificiality and the boredom of some specialized destinations provided by the Alps and severely hit by a lack of money in their pockets, more people who like traveling to Europe are wondering where to ski and spend their winter vacation. A solution for the intrepid and the curious is coming from the mountainous countries of Eastern Europe.

Of course these countries are close, cheap and can be easily reached by plane or car especially for the Eastern Europeans but there are other reasons as well, that might be interesting for anyone who likes to spend a holiday in Europe. Poland offers wild, less polluted landscapes and the occasion unforgettable memories.

The Mountains of Poland

Poland is obviously a much less popular winter destination than Austria, France, Italy or the Nordic countries, but offers satisfying opportunities for winter sports. Poland has a small portion of the Carpathian Mountains, the only mountains of the country, by the way: the old country owns part of the massive Tatra, the highest peak in Poland being the Rysy with his 2,499 meters. Although Poland has only a glimpse of the Carpathians (10 %), how Poles respect and care for their patch of the Carpathians, is admirable.

Winter in Poland

Winter in Poland ©atkinson000/Flick

The most famous resorts

If you started thinking about spending your vacation in the snowy mountains of Poland, you should know that the largest and most desirable mountain resort in this region is the Zakopane, called the Gate of the Polish Tatra. In the mountains, the snow remains from December to March. During your winter vacation in Poland the accommodation options are diverse, from “winter capital” of Zakopane, to some quite mountain villages.

Winter in Zakopane

Winter in Zakopane ©Raffee/Flick

If it comes to ski and snowboarding or paragliding places, in the west, on the border with the Czech Republic, the resort of Krkonoše (at an altitude of 1600 meters) and the trucks of Kapacz and Szklarska Poręba, offer ideal conditions. Also, in the middle of the Beskidy Mountains at an average elevation of 1,200 meters, we find three tracks that are very appreciated by connoisseurs: Szczyrk, Wisla and Ustron. On the east, near the border with Slovakia, we get back to Zakopane. The trucks of Butowry Wierch slopes, Kasprowy Wierch and Nosal are worth mentioning as well.

Polo on snow in Zakopane

Polo on snow in Zakopane ©PolandMFA/Flick


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