Wroclaw as the city of bridges

Grunwaldzka Bridge

Grunwaldzka Bridge ©Michał Dubrawski/Flick

Wroclaw is located in Poland, on both sides of the middle Oder. The city has five rivers: the Oder and four small rivers that flows into the Oder: Bystrzyca, Oława, Ślęza i Widawa. It is the historical capital of Silesia, the fourth largest city in Poland and one of the oldest ones.

With its 12 islands and hundreds of bridges it is also called “Lower Silesian Venice” or the “city of bridges”. Before the second World War the town had 303 bridges, but today has 112 main bridges and if we count all the river bridges, canal bridges, footbridges over the railway tracks and the streets, we will  reach a number of 220.

Grunwaldzka Bridge

The most famous bridge in Wroclaw is the Grunwaldzka Bridge. It is a suspension bridge built between the years 1908-1910 and with its 20-meter high granite gate is one of the most beautiful bridges Poland. The bridge was named after the Battle of Grünwald that took place in 1410, when the Polish and Lithuanian armies defeated the Teutonic Order. The bridge was also known as Kaiserbrücke, that means “Emperor’s bridge” and Freiheitsbrücke or “Freedom Bridge”.

The bridge was designed by Richard Plüddemann the was opened to public in 1910. The bridge above the Oder has a total length of 216 meters, with a span of 112.5 meters. The bridge is 18 meters wide and has two tracks and a tram line. It has a weight of 2.3 thousand tons and it was made of Silesian granite.

The bridge was blown up during the Second World War, then rebuilt and opened to public in 1947. The bridge is now part of the the 8 main road (E67) having an intense car traffic.

Grunwaldzka Bridge

Grunwaldzka Bridge ©Michał Dubrawski/Flick

The Zwierzyniecki Bridge

The Zwierzyniecki Bridge is an other famous bridge in Wroclaw connecting the city with the Zoological Gardens and the  Szczytnicki Park. It is a short old bridge with a yellow iron arch.

The Tumski Bridge

The Tumski Bridge is a famous old footbridge that connects the Cathedral Island to the small and beautiful Sand Island. Before the Tumski Bridge was built in 1889, in that place was an old wooden bridge. If you visit this charming green bridge, that is a historical monument, you will meet the sculptures of the famous sculptor Gustaw Grunenberg, one of the representing Saint Hedvig and the other one John the Baptist.

Tumski Bridge

Tumski Bridge ©facebook.com/snapshotsofthepast/Flick

Millennium Bridge

The city of Wroclaw has a modern new bridge that won awards because of its innovative construction. The Millennium Bridge was opened to public in 2004. and is the only bridge of Wroclaw that was built after the war.

The Piaskowy bridge

If you visit the Cathedral, you may want to take a look at the Piaskowy bridge. It is the oldest bridge of Wroclaw, it was built at the beginning of the 12th centuy, but was rebuilt in 1860. While walking through the bridge don’t be surprised of the thousands of padlocks and chains on it. It is a tradition that lovers bound together two padlocks as the sign of their eternal fidelity to each other and lock them on the bridge.

Piaskowy Bridge

Piaskowy Bridge ©Rainshift – www.rainshift.com/Flick

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