Zubrowka, the famous Polish vodka

The Polish Zubrowka

The Polish Zubrowka ©Rubber Slippers In Italy/Flick

The most emblematic drink of Poland is the Zubrowka vodka flavored with buffalograss. The buffalograss grows along the Polish-Russian border in the Bielowieza National Park and it is the favorite delicacy of the wild European bison. This is why on the vodkalabel appears this rare type of buffalo.

They use 1-2 kilo of to this hand-picked, sun-dried grass to one thousand liter of the 40% alcohol fermented from rye. It offers a pleasant taste, smell and a slight greenish tint to this Polish drink. Each bottle of Zubrowka contains a filament of this herb, which is the unique trademark of the vodka.


The origins of the Zubrowka

Flavoring with zubrowka (i.e. buffalograss) the distillates made from a variety of grain dates back to the 8th century. At that time, the people living close to the Belarus border mixed the herb growing in the Bialowieza Forest to alcohol that wasn’t really tasty and this made it more drinkable.

This special Polish vodka was for many centuries the drink of the locals. It became more popular in the second half of the 16th century when the Polish royal court began to hunt around the forest where this grass was growing.

Zubrowka vodka

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The internationally famous Polish vodka

Besides that the Zubrowka s the most famous Polish vodka, it is an internationally recognized premium vodka, it is available in more than 30 countries around the world and becomes more and more famous.

Over the past years the sell of Zubrowka increased a lot in the United Kingdom and France, where has become the second most important import vodka – thanks to the creative bartenders, who had taken advantage of the exciting possibilities of the ingredients.

The Polish Zubrowka

The Polish Zubrowka ©Rubber Slippers In Italy/Flick

Zubrowka-drinking customs

The Poles usually don’t drink the Zubrowka clear; they mix it with apple juice. But they also have a drink called Black buffalo that is made of Zubrowka mixed with a little blackcurrant juice.

Beside of these you can also prepare Vodka Sling or Cape Cod as well. The Vodka Sling has an alcohol content of 18%. To prepare it you will need 5 cl of Zubrowka vodka, 3 cl of lemon juice 1 cl of sugar syrup and 2 cl of water. The ingredients have to be poured on ice in an old fashioned glass, then stirred with a bar spoon. Use lemon slices to garnish.

The Cape Cod has an alcohol content of 13% and you will need the following: 4 cl of Zubrowka vodka, 12 cl of cranberry juice and 3 slices of lime. The ingredients have to be poured on ice in an collins glass, then stirred with a bar spoon. Put lime slices between the ice cubes and cocktail cherry to garnish the dink.

Cape Cod cocktail

Cape Cod cocktail ©vicenteSF/Flick

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